Ksu Zhytomirsky (aka Turtus)

More than 10 years of having fun, and I really like it

Hi, here was my old Joomla site, but for me Joomla period is already finished, so I've created this landing page to describe what I'm in now
I'm team-lead of small coders group, so we are building custom applications and making clients happy with all my experience and modern approaches.
For example, We are using Golang as server side API to avoid PHP weakness in parallel threads and AngularJS for rich client side applications.

Trustee Crypto Wallet

Blockchain is not only "popular", but really changing e-commerce and fintech. After doing a lot of smart contracts etc - we found out that new users need more intuitive and effective way for asset management - and started our own opensource crypto wallet with instant exchange to credit cards, multiaccounts etc.

crypto wallet

Arduino and Web Sites Integration

We are not only coders, but real engineers, so we can show any data from physical world on interactive board on your site.


Big Sites Agile Development

Agile - is mainly not about programming, but about growing clients idea to real product. Planting it from small seed to product. Supporting all changes to move forward in modern environment. One of the oldest Russian hospitals catalogs is totally redone by us - and every day its getting better and better.


Long Term Sites Support

Some of sites I've developed long time ago are still online and doing their duties without breaks and any big changes. You don't need to be modern if all you need is just work as you are. Support and help clients anytime they are in trouble - and your sites will live healthy and happy.